Wednesday, July 9, 2014

We Are Alive

We have been mainly keeping up on Facebook lately, but I think I like the blogging a little better since not everyone has Facebook nowadays.  

Kali and I are still living in Idaho Falls and are expecting our 6th baby sometime in the first part of September this year.  Our oldest Gracie turns 9 today.  Holy Crap!!!  It seems like we just brought her home.

Daemyn is now 7 and will be starting second grade.  Olivia (Livie) is getting ready to start kindergarten this fall.  Caedyn (3 1/2) and Tate (2) are at home with mom causing problems and making us laugh all the time.

We are considering homeschooling our kids starting this next year as the schools here in Idaho are not very good and with all the common core and government interference with education we feel it is a good fit for us.  We are still looking at it and hopefully will be able to decide soon.  It will be a challenge with all the little ones at home but in the long run may be better for them.
I am now a licensed insurance producer. I can sell auto, home, commercial and life (without any securities) in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming.

Kali is an amazing at home Mommy and works harder than I do.  She is ready for this last one of our bunch to come and not be pregnant in the hot Idaho summers.

I will post pictures of our crazy monkeys later so everyone can see how much they have grown.


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